Mixed media work- combining  traditional and non-traditional media. 


Latest experiments concentrate on using spray paint as a painting medium and visual translations of sound into imagery.


Science-Art collaborations.


Technology enhanced learning (TEL)
Gamification of learning 

The role of technology in education has revolutionized many teaching practices in a very short timespan in light of COVID-19.  The ability to teach and learn online has and will continue to be crucial to effectively delivering educational programmes.



My physical environment: locations,

and people who occupy those, and the unnatural man-made transformations of locations


Recent work includes series of altered perspex etching plates describing my current environment: Neuss, Germany. This series has followed on from observations relating to a previous environment in Limerick, Ireland. 


Both series concentrate on the respective changing environments.




The eldest of six siblings - four boys and two girls- I was born in Dublin, Ireland to a German mother and Irish father.


I grew up interested in comics (the traditional Whizzer & Chips, Beano and Dandy until I discovered Image comics aged 13, and thereafter the more socially critical 'MAD',  'Maus' by Art Spiegelmann, 'Die Welle', and the work of Frank Miller - wherein each frame is a piece of art in its own right. I was also inspired by stickers as a means of social commentary starting with the Garbage Pail Kids up to Sticker Graffiti, an art form in its own right; and learning  3D art techniques through weekly classes after school;  skateboarding (creating wooden prototypes and precarious self-made ramps)  and languages: at one point I lived in a Flemish speaking area, went to school in a French speaking area - within which school i had classes in French, German and English.




Primary school in Waterford, Ireland;  secondary schooling both in Limerick and in an International School in Belgium. Moving within Ireland and to Belgium made me more aware of my surroundings, and question what identity is. 


After school i engaged in internships in public relations, costume creation for the opera, ballet and theatre.


I recently completed a Masters in E-learning Design and Development at Cork Institute of Technology.


Previous studies include H.D.I.P. Higher Diploma in Art for Art & Design Teachers at LCAD Limerick College of Art and Design; Understanding Special Educational Needs at Limerick Senior College